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PLM Large & Small Companies
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PLM Large & Small Companies

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PLM For Large & Mid Size Companies:


Historically, PLM solutions required large capital investments over many years before ROI is realized.


Gibson and Associates PLM consulting team has the experience with these large efforts (e.g. Lockheed Martin, Varian, U.K. Royal Air Force, U.S. FAA).
We also provide PLM services to smaller organizations with limited budgets that are looking for a less costly, but effective solution.


Our Consulting team are members of the Microsoft & Aras Partners Programs and are members & partners of several user groups.
PLM/PDM Engineering Process Consulting:
Gibson & Associates have been involved in the PDM/PLM consulting business for over 15 years. We have helped implement “best in class” PLM & Engineering design systems at many Fortune 500 companies. These deployments improved the Engineering Change Process, Supplier Management, Project Management, Quality Initiatives, Project Collaboration, and Product Design.


Gibson & Associates Staff can help your company identify opportunities to improve the “as-is” to the “should-be”: 
We will help you expand the use of existing PDM/PLM systems and make them more functional and productive and connect or link existing legacy systems to improve business processes, reduce cycle time and increase efficiencies. 


Gibson & Associates staff will help you implement a PLM system that manages, organizes, retrieves, and distributes Engineering information.


PLM provides your users with “Easy to Use” access to ERP and other legacy systems, Manage Documents throughout the Product Lifecycle,  provide a Secure Electronic Communication (via the WEB) to Customers, Vendors, Field Service Engineers, and Collaborative Partners, Automate & Manage the Engineering Change Process,  help manage your Suppliers, and support the Collaborative Design Efforts.
Benefits include:

·  Improve Engineering Processes

·  Reduced Non-Value Added Time

·  Reduce Cycle Time (NPI)
·  Improve Lead Times 
·  Reduce Srap & Rework
·  Improve Collaboration
·  Improve ECO Process
  • Gibson & Associates will help you attain the results your PLM system was supposed to deliver.